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Welcome to the first official Lila Portals Newsletter!
Congratulations – you are now part of an exclusive group of people who will receive interesting insider information and the latest news about our restaurant Lila Portals on a regular basis. You will get to know all of our employees and signature dishes as well as receiving first hand information about events and more. Today we would like to take you on a journey back to how it all began.

Yours Stefan Zealke
How it all began ...
The Lila Portals´s Dream-Team
We are Jens Bräuning, Nicole and Stefan Zaelke – the Lila Portals´s Dream Team. When we opened our doors in May of 2014 it was a dream come true for all of us. Our ideal workplace has always been one where we would love to go to every single day.
How the three of us crossed paths ...
Our CEO Stefan Zaelke used to work in a number of different luxury hotels all over the world for more than 11 years before he opened Lila Portals. Most recently, he was Director of Food & Beverage at the 5-Star Hotels Hyatt Regency La Manga, Castillo Hotel Son Vida as well as Gran Hotel Son Net on Mallorca. The 41-year-old could have climbed up the career ladder and become a general manager of a hotel, but longed for being more than just an implementing body.

Restaurant manager Nicole Zaelke (née Heitmann) came to a point with her wine business in Hamburg where further expansion would only have meant more work and more stress. Serious health problems finally led her to start thinking differently. It was destiny that brought the blonde lady from Hamburg to Mallorca and led her to discover personal happiness. 40-year-old Jens Bräuning had the crazy dream of finally being able to express his creative mind in his own kitchen after years of working as head chef in a variety of different Top-Hotels of the Maritim chain and the famous Las Dunas in Marbella.

Stefan and Jens got to know each other at the 5-Star Hotel Dorint Royal Golfresort & Spa in Camp de Mar on Mallorca. So when offered a job in China, Jens decided to stay in Mallorca with this wife and his three children and work together with Stefan at the Lila Portals.

For more than two year, they searched for the perfect location on the island. `Sea view was a must`, Stefan says when thinking back at the difficult search. When they had found the ideal location, Nicole came into play.

It was rather coincidentally how Stefan and Nicole met and fell in love right here on Mallorca. `The decision to do business together, even though we had just met, was rather bold, but absolutely right – as we know now!` says Nicole with a big smile on her face. In the meantime they got married and enjoy spending lots of time together. `It always amazes me how well we work together and how great the team atmosphere is here at Lila Portals` adds Stefan while he looks across his restaurant and out to the sea. Yes. It really seems that the 7. heaven is not rose-colored, but lilac.
We are looking forward to seeing you again soon!

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